About Us

We are a full service IT management company specializing in small to medium businesses in WV and the surrounding states.  We are a one stop shop for computers, telephones, networking, digital faxing solutions, virtualization, email, and much more.

You will find that our small business is much more customer oriented than the big companies you have used in the past. We treat companies we work with as partners first and customers second. We work very closely with each business to learn their individual needs and wants. Because of this, our customers get the best service possible.

Each of our customers is assigned a primary contact. What that means is 90% of the time you will see the same tech every time, we have found that having one person who knows your system inside and out is the key to customer satisfaction. Our employees are all long term employees so even if your primary contact is unavailable you still will have an experienced tech instead of a person just hired off the street to fill an open position.