Data Protection

Forty-four percent of small businesses and doctor’s offices implement data backup and recovery services after the fact and by then the damage is done. The data is lost. The reputation is ruined and in many cases, the business is starting over.



Don’t let your business fail because you didn’t backup your data. Or don’t let cyber-attackers access your confidential information because you weren’t protected. With A Total Solution, securing your data has never been easier or more affordable. We offer a cloud-based, military-grade data backup and disaster recovery services at a price point that makes sense for small and midsize businesses.


A Total Solution data protection services deliver peace-of-mind to business owners. In today’s competitive environment, we know that your business cannot afford downtime, data loss, a website or e-commerce site that is down or compromised.

That’s why our data protection, backup and disaster recovery services are secure, reliable and fast. Our services are all compliant with industry leading regulations including HIPPA, FINRA and PCI.

We also offer extra protection with technology and servers that are:

  • State-of-the-art and SSAE-16 certified
  • Linked to data centers thousands of miles apart to ensure your data is safe and easily recoverable
  • Connected to back up data centers so that in the unlikely event that one losses power, another takes over
  • Connected to data centers that are secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant Internet connections.


When recovering data, you expect it to be usable – not just there somewhere. We ensure that happens through our continuous data center quality checks. Our Safe Catalog Process verifies the file catalogs we upload are valid and reliable. Integrity Checkers scan for data corruption and, in the rare case of corruption in one data center, replaces the affected files with clean versions from the other center. This protects you from the malicious cyber-attacks targeting businesses and consumers.


Threats to data security are everywhere: You need backup that can offer the highest levels of protection. We secure files beyond the 128-bit encryption methods typically used for online banking. We also communicate with our servers using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology, ensuring your data is encrypted both in transit over the internet and in storage at our facilities.



In the event of major data loss, our Recovery-as-a-Service ensures speedy recovery. If you need it, we’ll overnight ship you a drive with all your data.


Intronis, our backup provider, holds SSAE-16 certification, a third-party standard ensuring internal controls and security safeguards.


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A Total Solution' are exactly that -  the solution to all your IT and communication technology problems. I have worked with Rich and Jay for over a year, and their service and know-how has always exceeded my expectations.
Jens Kiel

Made in Germany

I have been working with Rich and Jay since 2002. They take care of all of our IT and telecommunication needs, set up the servers, phone systems, and digital infrastructure. I know that I can rely on them, and recommend them to you and your business!
Suzi Dameron

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